Helping MSMEs to adapt technology that is aligned to business goals.
Helping MSMEs to adapt technology that is aligned to business goals.

MSMEs are backbone of Industry however the rapid change in the business models of large business enterprises will force the eco-system too push the boundaries and to be able to sustain those changes, adopting technology will become a mandate.
We help MSMEs by working around their business goals and help them adopt technology.

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Asset Monitoring
Business Process Automation
Custom Software Development
Project Management

Supercharge your maintenance team – Proteger CMMS

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Industry 4.0

Smart workforce platform for engineering talents, ConnectE

Helps enterprises to discover engineering talents across industrial verticals like Aerospace, Healthcare, Power generation, Oil & Gas, Industrial Machinery.

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IoT based monitoring system for Industrial machines – Proteger Analytics

Proteger enables real-time monitoring of data to run operations more effectively.

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Production monitoring system – Hawk Eye

HawkEye is a factory management system that manages and displays assets, tooling, inventory and material flow. This platform visually displays material location for DECON, ASSEMBLY/TEST START QUEUE, PREPARATION & TEST areas on the floor map in realtime.

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Upskilling made engaging – ScoutLive

Changing times demands newer paths that can achieve the same goal but through different way. Now is the time for our education processes to retrospect and adopt technology as a medium to achieve the academic goals.

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