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The speed at which business is done today at blinking speed. The software industry is the forerunner on this front. The release cycle of softwares has been reduced to days from years.

On the other end, software applications are moving away from desktop to Cloud. Being Cloud native is becoming a norm and not a choice.

All these shifts is prompting to change every activity of a software life cycle starting from designing, development, testing, release and all way to deployment & maintenance.

Where Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment is the buzzword, lot of business though willing to adopt the path finds a challenge to adopt it. Finding adequate time, right skill on the job and getting a clear ROI are top 3 reason cited by Business Leaders as the major hindrance for taking a step towards this Change of getting Agile, employ CI/CD in their process and finally becoming Cloud native.

Cloud and Devops exists mutually. Once you adopt Cloud, right DevOps strategy followed by careful implementation will reap in multi edge benefits, namely

  • Increased Developer productivity
  • Faster time to market
  • Automate mundane repetitive tasks
  • Eliminate downtimes
  • Scale your business – start small and ramp up your infrastructure and you scale up. Avoid upfront CAPEX.

Cloud, DevOps, Agile – Lets crack the puzzle together.

Cloud native

Cloud native is about speed and agility. Business systems are evolving from enabling business capabilities to being weapons of strategic transformation that accelerate business velocity and growth.

Cloud native applications deliver faster time to market, higher scalability, simpler management and reduce cost through containerization, microservices, automation and DevOps practices.

For Cloud implementation, Agile principles serve as a driver, as there are shorter release cycles and automation to deliver fast and achieve the deadlines. We consult to model and setup Cloud for your team/organisation.



Google Cloud




DevOps & CI-CD

We, at GEOGO, both as a practitioner and consultant understand the inertia arounds DevOps & CI/CD. We continuously strive and work with our Clients & Partners to make the DevOps adoption easy and smooth.

  • We do analysis & assessment of your current process to understand the need and the maturity levels.
  • We help you design and restructure your processes which are Agile and fit organically.
  • We can set up the CI/CD pipeline for you identifying the right set of tools based on your requirement & financial criteria.



Google Cloud







Gitlab Pipeline



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