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Automated processes for seamless business operations

Businesses in their endeavour to improve their work process and environment always prefer to automate the repetitive and preassigned tasks. This leads to workflow efficiency. A technique to get more done with less.

Businesses that implement workflow automation in the process are more efficient, save time and money, and minimize the likelihood of errors, as it helps to streamline communication and empowers employees to manage their own time resulting in more workplace efficiency.

Business Process automation in a post COVID era, where people prefer working remotely from where they makes it more relevant and useful.

Processes in your business already exists. Just setting up a system around that can be quick and provide multitude of benefits.

Some common statements that we hear from Business Owners often when we talk about Automation for their business :

Business Process Automation needs costly tools.


“You need specialised IT team to build and manage the automation tools.”


“I already pay salaries to my staff to get the job done. If we automate their job, what will they do ?”

We say all the above are myths. The fact is :

  1. Most of the basic workflow automation tools get be used FREE. Sometimes you are already paying for the automation tools but you are not using it.
  2. Basic automation systems once set can be maintained and extended by your existing team without having a dedicated team.
  3. When your people are freed from repetitive mundane tasks they will utilise their time in activities at the next level.

Workflow modelling

Workflows are designed to help you optimize business processes, streamlining them for efficiency and consistent stellar results. However, you won’t be doing much good by simply tacking on a workflow into your business processes. Creating an efficient workflow model is key to reaping these benefits.

We help businesses to design their workflow model (a series of tasks and decisions), which lets them see how a process works and how to streamline and optimize it for best results and high efficiency.


SIPOC Diagrams

Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN)

IPO Model

Unified Modeling Language (UML)

Value Stream Mapping

Gantt Charts 

Workflow automation & integration

Workflow automation is defining a series of tasks to complete a process, and then removing all the manual steps. It’s like watching dominos fall in a cleverly orchestrated, harmonious pattern.

Don’t hesitate to identify and automate business processes sooner.

At GEOGO, we have a 3 steps process to kickstart the automation process for you.

Contact us and we will will happy to build your next process flow.



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