Build your first PWA in an hour — using ReactJs

Avishek JanaApril 30, 2021

The web is an incredible platform. It’s accessed from different devices, operating systems, networks and regions. And every single time it’s up-to-date, and your experience with that site can be as permanent as you’d like.

In the last few years the world has witnesed an astonishing growth in the number of mobile phone users. Obvious reasons: cheap hardware, easy access to the internet. In this scenario the optimization of user experience on the mobile device is essential.

PWA delivers just that. If the best of web and the best of native app had a clone child- it’s PWA. It got all the ‘right ingredients’ to behave like an app downloaded from the Play Store / App Store. It starts as a simple web page in mobile browser, and prompts user with “Add To Home Screen” option in repeated visit. Once added, it will appear on the app drawer, next to other native apps. On opening, it will start with a splash screen, hide all browser UI controls and appear as an app.

Written by
Avishek Jana
Technology Enthusiast — Principal Engineer — @Geogo

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