Internship Program: Full Stack Web

Avishek JanaAugust 11, 2021

Full Stack Web Development Internship

Join GEOGO for a 2-month of intensive industrial training and internship on full-stack web development.

You will learn how to build modern web applications using Bootstrap, React.JS, Node.JS from scratch. You will get exposure to Industry Best practices to develop functional software, build & use APIs, introduction to UX/UI processes. During the program, you will get LIVE sessions, guidance and review of your assignments & project to validate your learning. After this program, you will have an impressive profile on GitHub to showcase your Full Stack Web skills to the world and an Internship certificate.

Program Starts on : 11-Aug-2021

Duration : 8 Weeks

Only Eligibility Criteria : You have to clear the Online Aptitude & Coding Test !!

Last date for Application: 07-Aug-2021  Saturday 12:00PM

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